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Nefanasa Yahoo

The most likely Yahoo Messenger
in mobile phone are Freeware !!!

Benefits Featuring
Still Working: We just the only one who’s always updating YM protocol.
Direct Connection: We don’t steal/store your passsword like other do.
Low GPRS Cost: 200Kb-300Kb for 24 Hours Online.
Support many mobile phone: Small screen, Screen Touch, Symbian, QWERTY, 3G, HSDA, Etc
Fastest: No other mobile messenger reported working fast than Nefanasa Yahoo.
Stable: Already tested online up to 24 hours x 5 day (depending your operator connection)
Easy to Use: We just make anything more and more easy to use.
Rich Features: No other mobile Yahoo Messenger reported have a lot feature like Nefanasa Yahoo.
Conference: Create Conference, Join Conference, Invite more user
88 Emoticon: Normal & Hidden Emoticon
Yahoo Status: Custom Status, Invisible, Busy, Be Right Back, Etc
Friend List: Add Friend, Remove Friend, Stealth, Ignore
Notification: Email, File Transfer, Audible, Voice Chat, Status Update
Colorful Chat: Normal Color Chat, Fade Color Chat, ZigZag Color Chat, Switch Color Chat
Multimedia: Sound with Setting, Vibrate with Setting, Light with Setting
Menu Layout: CSymbian Model, Sony Erricson Model, Motorola Model, Nokia Java Model
Extended Keyboard: Generic Keyboard (For faster and easy typing) with layout Symbian Keypad, Sony Erricson Keypad, Motorola Keypad, Nokia Java Keypad, QWERTY Keypad
Fixing phone model: Time Fixed (For synchronized java time with local time), GMT Fixed (For fixed yahoo time), Fix Light (For fixing backlight in old model handphone), Fix Insert Text (For fixing fixing insert emoticon in old model handphone), Disabled Image Logo (For Fixing Nokia E Series Bugs/QWERTY), Incoming Email Notification (For disabled annyoing email notification when you joining mailing list)
And many more setting you can customizeable



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