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IM+ for Android

IM+ for Android

Beep: free mobile-to-mobile in-app messenger!

Beep brings your address book contacts into instant messaging and helps you saving on SMS and MMS.
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Stay connected across all messaging systems

All your friends from all accounts are integrated into one buddy list. Access multiple accounts at the same time and chat with people across various networks without switching or changing a thing. No pre-registration required.
NEW! Now with RenRen instant messaging service (Cheers to our users from China!)

Tablet-optimized UI

IM+ is out-of-the-box ready for convenient use on Android-based tablet computer. Sleek two-panel interface allows to quickly switch between chat windows and contacts.

Skype, MSN/WLM, AOL/AIM/iChat and ICQ group chats

Invite your friends and enjoy group conversations. Now with Skype topics!

Free instant messaging

All messages sent within IM+ are free. Now with photo and sound files sending! IM+ supports typing notifications and is able to deliver incoming messages in Push mode on Android OS 2.2 or later.

Just one window

All your open dialogues and unread messages are visible from the same window, so you can be sure you won’t miss a thing! Hold multiple conversations over multiple networks, all on a single screen.

Widget, avatars, emoticons, custom statuses and message templates

You want it, we got it! IM+ offers the ultimate selection of tools to provide you with the best mobile messaging experience!

User interface in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Polish and Ukrainian

Compact Mode UI to fit smaller displays

Download For Android


Download im+ 6.2.4

IM+ Pro for Java MIDP 2.0 phones

Download Installation (jad, 5.33Kb)
Download Installation (jar, 280.26Kb)

IM+ Free for Java MIDP 2.0 phones

Download Installation (jad, 5.32Kb)
Download Installation (jar, 295.48Kb)

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